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Featured Websites: Volume III The Official Thorsten Kaye Website - Volume III, issue i
This official site for the actor who plays Ian Thornheart on Port Charles has been online for some time and provides photos, video, a message board, and more in a well-designed page.
Billy Warlock Online - Volume III, issue i
This is one of the few sites we've found for the actor who plays AJ Quartermaine. Along with articles and photos from ABC and the press, this page offers reports of fan encounters as well as quotes and transcripts.
Eye on General Hospital - Volume III, issue ii
"Eye on General Hospital" provides scoops and spoilers, lots of commentary (daily, weekly, rants, etc.), fan fiction, quizzes, votes, and more.
Official Real Andrews Fan Club - Volume III, issue ii
Real plays Taggert on GH, and his site offers photos and other information. You can also bid on studio tours (and other things), when available, and buy Real merchandise.
WVPC Radio - Volume III, issue ii
"WVPC Radio" offers sound captures of musical numbers from nurses balls and more--including Mary Mae and the Pips and Pierce Dorman's "Que Sera, Sera." You gotta love it.
The Coltin Caboodle - Volume III, issue iii
Coltin Scott plays Nikolas Cassadine. This site features lots of photos, articles, and multimedia, and also offers a source for tapes of Nikolas's past episodes.
The No-Name - Volume III, issue iii
Though there are many sites dedicated to Sonny and Brenda out there, this one offers tons of archives, from photos and transcripts to multimedia sounds and video. - Volume III, issue iii
This is the official site for Kiko Ellsworth, who plays Jamal on Port Charles. You must have flash to view this site, but it's really beautifully designed. - Volume III, issue iv
This is a well-designed site dedicated to the actor who plays Zander Smith; it features a photo gallery, resume, and message board.
A Martinez fan page - Volume III, issue iv
This is a good site dedicated to the actor who plays Roy DiLucca. It's simple but cleanly designed, and site houses over 60 articles on A, as well as photos and links to other sites, including A's official page.
John J. York Online - Volume III, issue iv
The official page for the actor who plays Mac Scorpio has all the usual goodies (including some a good multimedia selection of mostly recent items) in an easy-to-navigate design.
General Shmospital - Volume III, issue v
This site offers a great blend of humor and commentary, as well as a nice collection of sounds.
KerryAnn's General Hospital Corner - Volume III, issue v
This page offers a page of photos for each character, along with a general description of that character's history. The simple design is easy to navigate and quick to load.
Shrine to the Soap Hunks - Volume III, issue v
For when you need a little pick-me-up, here's an archive of photos of various recent and current soap hunks. Oh, and the design's nice too. *G*
The General Hospital Pages - Volume III, issue vi
This site features news and spoilers as well as a highly entertaining selection of what, for lack of a better term, I'll call fan fiction. The page is beautifully designed, and we can't wait to see what they come up with next.
Curlyqgirl's General Hospital Tapes - Volume III, issue vi
We occasionally get email from people looking to buy and/or trade tapes of the show. Recently, my the source I turn to for old tapes went online with a webpage, so I wanted to feature it here. We are not partners with her in any way, but I have purchased tapes from her in the past and been very pleased with the service and quality.
The Susan Brown Fan Page - Volume III, issue ix
Dedicated to the actress who plays Gail Baldwin on GH and PC, this site includes information on all of Brown's career, offering photos (some from Brown's personal collection), fan fiction, and much more.
Stuart Damon Website - Volume III, issue ix
This site, dedicated to the actor who plays Alan Quartermaine, has a fabulous design with easy navigation, and includes lots of good material--from interviews and photos to sound and video.
Tamara Braun Online - Volume III, issue x
The site is devoted to the new actress playing Carly Corinthos, Tamara Braun, and offers all the usual material as well as some nice extras.
T'n'T Profiles Index - Volume III, issue x
This section of a larger site profiles many of the supporting actors on GH and PC, including Loren Freeman (Elton), Stephen T. Kay (Reginald), Michael O'Connell (Officer Rick), and Denise Galik-Furey (Rhonda Wexler). - Volume III, issue xi
This overall site has scoops and spoilers, opinions, photos, chat, and a message board. It's easy on the eyes, and though still fairly new, looks really promising.
The General Hospital Quiz Zone - Volume III, issue xi
This site features 28 quizzes at present, with questions in each quiz from different time periods and characters. Answers are provided!
Rebecca Herbst Online - Volume III, issue xii
Becky's official site offers lots of material, is beautifully designed and up to date, and offers even more content to registered members. Herbst plays Elizabeth Webber.
Star Studded Fridays - Volume III, issue xii
This ABC site houses photos and more from a series of star appearances at Disney California Adventure's Soap Opera Bistro.

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