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Featured Websites: Volume II

Sarah Brown Online - Volume II, issue ii
This official site for the actress who plays Carly has a little bit of everything, from quotes and a message board to sounds and photos.
Becky Herbst Online - Volume II, issue ii
The site for the unofficial Online Becky Herbst Fan Club (Miss Herbst plays Elizabeth Webber) is primarily devoted to club information, but includes articles and photos, among other things.
Ingo Rademacher Net - Volume II, issue ii
The official site for Ingo Rademacher, the actor who plays Jax, includes club-type things as well, and offers ways to order all things Ingo. Also included are photos, biography, and an interview, as well as lots of "extras."
Goddess Home Page: Everything I Ever Really Needed to Know in Life I Learned From Monica Quartermaine - Volume II, issue iii
This page is a load of fun from its title right down to its background music. This is a great site for history, and includes sounds, photos, and more. Some of the pages may be slow to load (as the webmaster warns) because of all the goodies, but it's worth the wait.
Carly and Jason Hot Zone - Volume II, issue iv
"The Carly and Jason Hot Zone" includes sounds and pictures as well as lots of fan fiction dedicated to this pairing.
Luke & Laura Unrevised - Volume II, issue v-vi
This site focuses on Luke and Laura's early years and offers a wide range of information including plenty of photos and articles.
The Sonny & Brenda Guardian Angels Homepage - Volume II, issue v-vi
Recommended to us by a reader, this online group devoted to the couple has produced a nice webpage with all the usual stuff, including some great pictures.
Official Jacob Young Page - Volume II, issue vii
This site is Jacob Young's official page, which includes information on his career as well as lots of multimedia materials. Find the answers to your questions about the new Lucky here.
Friends of Finola - Volume II, issue vii
Finola Hughes's (ex-Anna) official site focuses more on her present work on All My Children. But on it you'll find messages from Finola, a chatroom, as well as information on her entire career.
General Hospital Episodes - Volume II, issue viii
This page hosts real video format copies of recent episodes. Though the service the webmaster uses is new and undependable, this could become a great resource. Since we featured this site, it has begun to include other ABC soaps as well.
The Mitch Longley Webpage - Volume II, issue viii
Mitch Longley played Matt Harmon on Port Charles, and we featured this site to honor him as he left the show. The site is well designed, and contains articles, a biography, and photos.
Kurth and Taylor Online - Volume II, issue ix
The official site for Wally Kurth's real life band, Kurth and Taylor. You can download audio samples, see backstage photos, and, most importantly, order all four Kurth and Taylor albums.
1998 Nurses Ball - Volume II, issue ix
This site chronicles the 1998 Nurses' Ball ("Jailhouse Rock," "Big Spender," etc.). It includes screen captures of both acts and audience members.
Annual Nurses Ball on General Hospital and Port Charles - Volume II, issue ix
This site has pages dedicated to each of the six Nurses' Balls, from 1994 to 1999, and includes lots of photos as well as descriptions.
World of General Hospital - Volume II, issue xi
World of General Hospital is a good, general a site, offering spoilers, photos, links, a message board, opinions, transcripts, polls, and more. Though most of the photos it collects are ones we've seen before, some are no longer available on the ABC website. The design is clean and easy to use.
The Official Website of Michael Saucedo - Volume II, issue xi
You can buy music from Michael Saucedo (Juan Santiago) at his official site, which also includes photos, features, and announcements of Michael's upcoming events.
Maurice Benard Connection - Volume II, issue xii
This site offers show history, photos, multimedia, interaction, and even information on getting yourself some tapes of Sonny's past storylines and Benard's interviews. The material here is up to date with Carly, and goes back through the days of Brenda and Karen.
Wicked Games - Volume II, issue xii
This Carly and Sonny site features various photo galleries; a library of transcripts, articles, quotes, fanfic, and more; multimedia; and links, chatrooms, and a message board.

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