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As Featured on GHR: General Hospital Review!
As Featured on GHR: General Hospital Review!

The following pages have been featured in the GHR and have received the above award. The editors chose them for their excellent design and content. If you would like to nominate a page for this recognition, use the feedback form.

The GHR webpage award was designed by Adrian McConchie.

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Featured Websites: Volume I

The Bobbie Zone - Volume I, issue i
Adrian McConchie's tribute to Bobbie Spencer and to Jacklyn Zeman, the actress that plays her.
The City of Port Charles - Volume I, issue ii
A general GH/PC site that includes scoops, ratings, updates, news, cast information, message boards, chat, and more.
Quartermainia - Volume I, issue iii
This site includes everything Quartermaine, and is one of the best sites dedicated to a GH family on the web.
Port Charles Online - Volume I, issue iv
The best overall site for GH and PC on the web.
The Maurice Benard Homepage - Volume I, issue v
A good collection of information and photos of Maurice Benard which connects to a sister page for Sonny and Brenda.
General Hospital Online - Volume I, issue vi
This good general page offers exclusive material and loads of good information.
The Anthony Geary Webpage - Volume I, issue vi
We featured my own page dedicated to Anthony Geary in conjunction with an article that ran in this issue. The page includes interviews and articles, photos, and information on Geary's career both on and off GH.
Fans of Sarah Brown - Volume I, issue vii
This page includes information on Sarah Brown and her character, Carly Benson. It contains articles, photos, a message board, links to other GH sites, and more.
Second Annual Daytime Webbie Awards - Volume I, issue viii
Here's a polling site for the Daytime Emmy awards. It allows you to vote for each category separately and see the results in graph form immediately. This year's Emmys are over, but look for the poll next year.
The Jonathan Jackson Unofficial Webpage - Volume I, issue ix
This is the best Jonathan Jackson page I've seen. Good content, good design. It contains the usual stuff, and a good set of links.
GH Links! - Volume I, issue x
We wanted to feature a links page, and this one is one of the biggest. Suzanne not only categorizes her lists, but she lets you choose between different layouts and offers her own choices for the pages you don't want to miss.
The Tava Smiley Website - Volume I, issue xi
This page includes photos, transcripts, sounds, a biography, news, GH scoops--lots of stuff on Chloe, Tava...and Jax and Ingo! There's even a fan club.
The Gate - Volume I, issue xi
This page that includes lots of good information on Ned and Alexis and their portrayers, Wally Kurth and Nancy Lee Grahan.
The Official Ron Hale Homepage - Volume I, issue xii
This official site is beautifully designed, and has news, transcripts, interviews, and more.
General Hospital News and Scoops - Volume I, issue xii
This is one of the most-visited scoops site on the web.

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