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1997 Advertisements:

July 1997: Sonny and Brenda in Florida
September 1997: The Wedding that Wasn't (Sonny & Brenda)
September 1997: Remembering Sonny and Brenda
September 1997: To Love or Not to Love (Stefan & Katherine)
October 1997: Fallen from Grace (Alexis)
October 1997: He's Back! (Luke's return)
October 1997: Jealousy, Confession, Secrets (Cassadines)
November 1997: The Pieces Fall Into Place (Cassadines)
November 1997: Thanksgiving Episode
December 1997: Passion & Desire (Cassadines)
December 1997: Everything Changes #1 (Luke's reopening/Nikolas's shooting)
December 1997: Everything Changes #2 (Brenda's breakdown, Helena returns, etc.)
December 1997: Everything Changes #3 (Mac held hostage, Luke & Alexis, etc.)
December 1997: Merry Christmas from General Hospital (Stefan & Katherine)
December 1997: Merry Christmas from Port Charles (Scott & Lucy)

1998 Advertisements:

January 1998: Bobbie Meets her Daughter
January 1998: Michael's Christening
January 1998: The Women of GH
February 1998: Bobbie Reacts
February 1998: The Struggle for the Docks (Jax v. Jason)
February 1998: Sweeps Storylines (the rape, Tony kidnaps Michael)
February 1998: Elizabeth is Raped
March 1998: Spring Storylines (the rape, Jax & Brenda, the search for Michael)
March 1998: Tony Kidnaps Robin
March 1998: Three Tortured Men (Tony, Stefan, Luke)
March 1998: GH 35th Anniversary Prime Time Special
March 1998: GH 35th Anniversary
March 1998: GH 35th Anniversary - Jacklyn Zeman as Bobbie Spencer
March 1998: Happy Anniversary, GH!
March 1998: A Year of Lucy on Port Charles
April 1998: Face Off (Tony/Carly, Luke/Helena, Jax/Jason)
April 1998: This Week on General Hospital (Stefan, Brenda, Luke/Alexis/Helena)
April 1998: Plane Crash
May 1998: The Boys of ABC
May 1998: Preparations for the Bacchanalia
May 1998: Prime-Time Special (Bacchanalia, Elizabeth & Lucky, Jax & Brenda)
May 1998: The Investigation Into Katherine's Death
May 1998: Love (Mac & Felicia, Jason & Robin, Jax & Brenda)
May 1998: Brenda Proposes to Jax
June 1998: The 5th Annual Nurses' Ball
June 1998: Jacks v. Corinthos
June 1998: Warehouse Fire
July 1998: Jason Waits for You
July 1998: I've Got a Crush on You (Lucky & Elizabeth)
July 1998: Invitation to a Wedding (Mac/Felicia, Kevin/Lucy)


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