General Hospital Review

Volume IV, issue iii
December 2001

Published December 22nd

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Letter from the Editor
by Amy McWilliams

Welcome to the General Hospital Review!

Happy Holidays! We hope this issue can offer you a bit of distraction amidst all the celebrations, and we trust that all of you are having a happy holiday season.

Our holiday season has turned out to be very busy this year, so we're sitting back to let the guys do all of the work! Turner agreed to shift his attention from PC to GH during November sweeps, and Matthew Weaver is back with two articles: one on Stefan Cassadine, and one on the relationship between Tony Jones and Luke Spencer (one of my favorites). We've also got the usual goodies in "Say Cheese!"

I'll do my best to get the gang back in gear for the new year. See you in 2002!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

GH in Review: November Sweeps
by Turner Arrington

Turner's covering "the big chair" this month, giving us his impressions of November Sweeps.

Thanks go to the daily updates from the official ABC website. Thanks also to everybody on the GH side of the Usenet newsgroup for their discussion of the show, and to the other editors, whose discussion always informs my own opinions and makes the show so much more fun to watch.

GH in Review

A Study in Character: The Swashbuckler and the Doc-Ex-Bro-In-Law
by Matthew Weaver

Oh, how I love this friendship! Matthew takes a look at some recent scenes between Luke and Tony, and shares his reasoning as to why the writers need to give these two more screentime together. I couldn't agree more!

A Study in Character

Now and Then: Stephen Nichols Has Left the Building
by Matthew Weaver

And in this piece, Matthew takes a look at Stephen Nichols's time on the show as Stefan Cassadine, lamenting the fact that such an outstanding character came to be so poorly written--when written for at all.

Now and Then

Say Cheese!

We've got a variety of stuff this month, including some festive red wallpapers and a bit of Lucy Coe. Enjoy!

Say Cheese!: Video Clips

Say Cheese!: Screen Captures

Say Cheese!: Desktop Wallpaper

Say Cheese!: Scans

Featured Websites

Matthew features the official Brad Maule site in his article, above. The site includes messages from Brad, fan encounters, a gallery, and tons of info about Brad.

The Official Brad Maule Website

Second, a couple of people have written in to ask if we know of another transcript site, since the primary one we used to link to is no longer around (the webmistress was simply too busy to keep up with it). The TV Megasite has been around for a while, but I didn't realize until recently that it offered transcripts.

TV Megasite: GH & PC

As always, if you would like to recommend a site for recognition in a future issue, you can do so at the feedback form or send us an email.

Websites Featured in the Past


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