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Say Cheese!: Video Clips

These ads come from July 1998, and feature Jason (from the "Where the Boys Are" campaign), Lucky and Liz, and the double wedding where only half the participants wound up married (GH/PC: Mac/ Felicia and Kevin/Lucy).

Below you'll find a screen capture of each clip and the link to download it. The clips are in RealPlayer format; you can download the free version of the player at You can either click on the link and your browser should download the file into a temp folder and then play it automatically, or you can "save link as" and save the movie to your hard drive. We won't be streaming the video in the forseeable future, since it costs a little more.

July 1998: Jason Waits for You

July 1998: I've Got a Crush on You

July 1998: Invitation to a Wedding


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