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  1. Because of our time constraints, the only messages to which we will possibly respond will be those that concern the review itself. We love to hear ideas for stories, comments on the reviews and articles, etc. If you have an opinion about the show, it will be considered for publication if you mark it as a letter to the editor, but we will not respond to it; we don't have time to chat with you in email about the show, as much as we might like to do so.
  2. Also, we are not affiliated with the show in any way. Comments, questions, or requests regarding actors or other elements of production cannot be answered by our editors.
  3. The GHR is not a clearing house for updates, scoops and spoilers, and requests for such will not be answered. Many other pages on the web have this information.
  4. Finally, we don't have time to fulfill requests for screen captures of particular scenes or scans or particular magazine photos or articles. We do, however, want to hear your requests for wallpaper; we may not have the exact photo, but we can try to find photos of the characters you're interested in for future inclusion.

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